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And we really enjoy the Saturday classes. Thank you so much and thank to Jasmine too.

Mrs Tochi

By the way, my nephew said the class was very nice and he is looking forward to it on Saturday.

In his word: "she is a very good teacher", I like her.

Mrs MO

Good morning Nnena,
Thanks for the opportunity and initiative with the BeyondMath classes.

My kids have thoroughly enjoyed the classes so far and quickly learnt about operations.

We're new in Canada so the class has given a prelude of what to expect  once they start school next month. I'll like to order the beyondmath book as well.

Thanks to Jasmine for a great job!

Have a great week.



As a Math teacher and Math tutor, I find Beyond Math a welcome tool to use with both large groups of students and during one-on-one time. I have found this book to be useful for bell work, operational practice and numerical thinking tasks.
Beyond Math is accessible to English language learners because it uses numbers and not language to deliver mathematical questions.
I recommend Beyond Math as a tool to support student's Math journey.

Techerramsey OCT P/J/I/S

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